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Welcome to the Rare Crystals and Minerals page. Items displayed on this page are rare in shape, size and quality, they are a unique piece hand picked from Brazil and Around the World.


We keep a large collection of a Unique Pieces in a Large size in UK.


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Crystals Brazil

This free formed polished piece of "GOLDEN HEALER" (Hematoid) is loaded with dark gold and amber colour. This is the main inclusion of iron oxide, and in some places is completely opaque traced with thick dendrites, there are brilliant rainbows that shimmer in that region as well. With an ethereal and tantalizing mistiness, the rest of the stone is laced with delicate branches of dendrites. The polish on the stone is smooth, however, this unusual piece glows with almost a cat-eye like radiance that will take your breath away. 

Approx. Weight 42.5Kg Height 40cm Wide 30cm Deep 23cm

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This is a "NATURAL PIECE OF ART", a sculpture of Gypsum naturaly sculpted by nature. It has a fantastic clear Gypsum on a clear Chalcedony matrix.

Approx. Weight 18.5Kg Height 38cm Wide 40cm Deep 25cm

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A Pink Amethyst (Rose de France) is a member of the amethyst family of gemstones. It is defined by its markedly light shade of the purple known to the amethyst family. The colour is reminiscent of a lavender/lilac shade, actuality, amethysts do not come in a pink colour, but are actually violet. An amethyst is a variety of the quartz stone, which does come in pink.

Although quartz is one of the most common minerals found on the earth, pink amethysts are rare and can be expensive.

Approx. Weight 11.5Kg Height 41cm Wide 17cm Deep 10cm (SOLD)


If we had to summarize the meaning of pink amethyst we would say that the peace, warmth and harmony of amethyst are augmented by the lovely soothing touch of pale lilac or lavender tones in this crystal. Pink amethyst approaches rose quartz in its properties, but at the same time it keeps all the important amethyst features within.

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This is a "UNIQUE" piece of Amethyst. Is has a pawerfull feeling and will seat well in any place to generate a pawerfull Amethyst energy. It has a deep purple colour and it is absolutely natural, free of ciment or paint.

Approx. Weight 63Kg Height 70cm Wide 70cm Deep 23cm

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This is a "UNIQUE" piece of Amethyst Geode on a Quartz Matrix. Is has a pawerfull and vibrant purple colour with a calcite points coming out of it, and it is absolutely natural, free of ciment or paint.

Approx. Weight 69.5Kg Height 52cm Wide 40cm Deep 33cm

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This is an amazing piece off rough Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone, with a long history among many cultures of providing protection during ritual work. It can be used for scrying, and was traditionally used to point out a cause of trouble or an offender, and to indicate a good direction in which to move. its use as a psychic shield, an electric stone, a luck talisman and more. Black Tourmaline is best known as a grounding and protection stone.

Approx. Weight 7.6Kg Height 23cm Wide 10cm (SOLD)

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