How to Programming and Work with Crystals


Quartz crystals are a mineral based life form. It is unlike anything man has come across in the form of intelligence and consciousness so it is no wonder that the extraterrestrial beings you have been looking for have been right at your feet all the time.

Crystal intelligence can be compared to a computer in that this intelligence can be programmed to suit certain needs. Crystals are far superior to computers and were used extensively in Atlantis, all crystals have programming built into them, and much of this programming has to do with maintaining the earth's energy field.

However a crystal is very versatile and can multitask so why not take advantage of these small helpers.

Hold a crystal in the palm of your hand and close your eyes. Try to get a sense of what the crystal is already programmed to do. If you have several crystals you may want to do this screening process on all of them, first, to pick the one best suited for the job. As you hold the crystal ask it to reveal its core programming. Some people will immediately get images and sound or sensations or feelings, others may not get anything without a bit of practice, patience, and quiet. In either case, once you tap into this core programming you will get a sense for what this crystal's primary programming is for. This could be healing, manifestation, alignment of energy, processing negative energy, processing positive energy, transforming, building, breaking through blockages, polishing or finishing energy, just to name a few.
Crystals communicate to your through your own psyche. That means what you sense or feel or see will come to you disguised as everyday thought in your head. 

Programming a Crystals:

Human thought directed into the crystal can program it up very nicely, quickly, and easily. Hold the crystal in your hand and think about what you want the crystal to help you with. Let's say you want to harmonize your relationships. So imagine perfect harmony with your relationships as you hold the crystal in the palm of your hand. Take your other hand and hold it on top of the crystal about one or two inches from it. If you are sensitive enough, you will feel the energy flow from your one hand to the other with the crystal in between. Hold this thought and action steady for a minute or so. When you feel the process is finished, it is.


Releasing the Programming:

Now that you know how to program a crystal how do you get it to help you with whatever it is you programmed into it. Well there are a couple ways. The first would be to wear or carry it. This method works fine if they are small, but if they are large this will not be possible. For larger crystals you can meditate with them, or just hold them in your hand for 5 minutes or so and ask the crystal to help you with what you have programmed into it. The crystal will then go about making subtle changes in your energy field to help you with this directive. Do not be surprised if your life changes because of this work, that is what you wanted; however it may not be what you expected. Crystals often have a mysterious way of changing your reality and the areas where you thought there was no change needed winds up being the one that is changing. This is all part of the process. Best thing to do here is to go with it and see where it takes you. Usually it takes you where you wanted to go but not in the way you thought it would.