How to Meditate with Crystals


Crystal meditation is a fast way of accelerating your inner and outer growth, increasing your power level, and making some strong, helpful, non physical connections. Also, crystal meditation is a fine way of tending to that inner person that longs and needs to understand the world and universe. However, most importantly, crystal meditation will enable you to touch powers that can help you to control the person you are. Believe it or not! The better you can control yourself, the more effective you will be in the control of your reality.

When your life runs smoothly, you have no problem keeping stable; but when a crisis arises, you fly completely out of control, reacting to everything and not knowing how to get through the crisis or control what is happening. That loss of control is due to a lack of knowledge - a lack of knowledge concerning your reactions, your feelings, or your energy. Surprisingly enough, crystal meditation will unlock some of these inner chambers, which can help you to understand, more fully, yourself and reduce your fears. Not only that, with crystal meditation, when a crisis does come up, you will possess a great tool that can help and guide you toward agreeable resolutions.

Now, simple meditation has been around for thousands of years. Many people throughout the centuries achieved great inner peace, physical stamina, and spiritual awareness because of this mental technique.