Please not that, if you have any symptom or illness,


you should be diagnosed by a Doctor or your GP.


Crystal Healing Therapies is a complementary treatment


to help you.


Crystals have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years. Crystal Healing is a Holistic Therapy that treats the person as a whole. It is a Complementary Treatment that can be used in conjunction with MedicalTreatment.   

Our bodies are made up of whirling centres of energy known as Chakras. When one or more of our chakras are out of balance or blocked, our body's natural flow of energy is disrupted causing physical/mental/emotional pains and fatigue.

Crystals work through vibration. When crystals are placed on and/or around the body they work with the healing energy of the Crystal Therapist to re-balance/unblock the chakras.

Crystal Therapy is suitable for people/animals of all ages - you do not need to be "ill" to benefit from the healing power of Crystal Therapy.

A treatment is given lying on a couch or sitting comfortably in a chair. Your Crystal Therapist will place crystals on and/or around you and may ask you to hold crystals in your hands.

During the treatment you will usually feel deeply relaxed and sleepy. Sensations such as warmth, tingling, coolness are sometimes felt. You may experience all, some or none of these sensations either during or after a Crystal Therapy treatment. This is due to the effects of stimulating the energies throughout the body and is a perfectly normal response.

Crystal Therapists DO NOT diagnoses and your Medical care remains the responsibility of your Medical Practitioner.