Crystals Brazil was founded in 1995 by Brazilian-born Ronaldo Miguel. We deal mainly with Crystals and Minerals from Brazil but also source from other places around the World.

With over 15-years experience, we sell natural crystals and minerals to healers, retailers, interior designers, museums and private collectors. Our philosophy and understanding of crystals is to make people happy, because we believe our crystals are a tool to the happiness of all humankind.


Crystals are able to understand your needs, so it gives us much joy to know you will be overcome with happiness with your new crystal, and to know that you belong together. It is often advised that a particular crystal should be used for a particular purpose; when it comes to choosing the "right" crystal, many people seek the help or advice of a healer or a crystal dealer, but the best person to decide which crystal is right for you is... you!


Because of our passion and knowledge, and the quality of our crystals, we believe that you will enjoy our collection of natural crystals and find the perfect crystal for you. We have no doubt that you will choose the right crystals from our special natural collection.


Enjoy your time, and thank you for visiting us!


Ronaldo Miguel

Crystals Brazil